Rit Dye

The following colors are available in powder form.  All colors are $1.00 per box.  Some colors are in "damaged" boxes - the powder is intact but the box no longer looks new.  


There is a minimum of 8 boxes of Rit Dye (you can mix colors) per order.


Store unopened powder dye in a dry area at room temperature. Moisture may make the powder clump, but it will still dissolve in very hot or boiling water. Store leftover powder dye in a small dry glass jar with a tight-fitting lid.  When stored properly, powder dye will last for an indefinite period of time (information can be verified at RitDye.com).


  Dark Brown  Fuchsia
 Kelly Green Lilac#  Mauve
Orchid# Pearl Grey  Pink#
Plum# Purple   Rose Pink
Wine Yellow  

# color discontinued by manufacturer

How to Order

Please include the name of the color(s) desired, quantities of each and whether you want "new" or "damaged" boxes in the message box to receive the shipping and total cost of your order.  Your complete mailing address must also be included to be able to quote shipping costs.

Please DO NOT send payment until you have received a confirmation email with the total cost to include shipping.  PayPal, check or money order are the only payment types accepted at this time.  Please include your payment type.  Once your payment has been received, your order will be shipped the next business day.

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